Get to know the girl behind the camera...

Hi, I'm Stephanie Arizona

I’m the owner and creator of Sarizona Photos.

You could say photography is in my blood, since my father has been a professional photographer for most of his adult life, and he generously gifted me my very first professional camera. This special gift fueled a spark in me, and that spark grew into a true passion after my own wedding.

I married my high school sweetheart in September of 2019, and quickly realized just how important pictures from your wedding day really are. After it's over, photos are the best way to reminisce and relive the emotions from one of the most important days of our lives over and over again. It would be my absolute pleasure to help document these precious moments for you to enjoy for a lifetime to come.

Meet my right hand man

This is my amazing husband, Chaz. He is my number one supporter and the man without whom I never would have been able to make this dream of mine a reality. Chaz is there at each shoot as our personal assistant, aiding each session to go smoothly. He's there to help with camera gear, make you laugh, carry your coats, purses, and phones- and help scout out amazing locations to make some magic happen!

Our Happily Ever After

I met my husband when I was 14 in our freshman year gym class. We spent our free period playing basketball together even though neither of us liked basketball, simply because we each thought the other enjoyed it. If you had told me back then that the cute shaggy haired boy would one day be my husband, I never would have believed you! But thank goodness he did! Chaz has always been my rock. He has been with me through all the ups and downs of my teenage and adult life. I couldn't imagine spending any of those years with anyone but him.

Chaz proposed in July of 2018 at our annual picnic in the park. That night we celebrated with family at a County Fireworks show. We got married in September 2019, and purchased our first home together in 2021. We share 4 fur babies- our cute kittens Ophelia, Yennefer, Icarus, and Edgar. We can't wait to see where the future takes us!

A few of our wedding photos, taken by Haley Elizabeth Studios
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