An Anniversary Session at Tallgrass Prairie

Every session I have had the honor of capturing has been an amazing experience, but getting to spend the afternoon with a couple who truly has a love story straight out of a rom-com was truly special. Think Made of Honor and Leap Year all rolled into one. (We all know my affinity for rom coms- apparently especially for early 2000's ones?) Bria & Julios were supposed to meet right at the beginning of 2020 when she went on a seemingly once in a lifetime trip to Scotland. They had a mutual friend who planned to introduce them during this trip, but unfortunately (as with all classic rom coms! *swoon*) something got in the way of their eventual meeting. As we are all well aware at this point, in early 2020 the world entered into a global pandemic and they were unable to meet each other in person during her first trip abroad. They spent the next year in quarantine- seemingly a half a world away from each other- getting to know one another and falling deeply in love. Finally in June of 2021 they were able to meet in person when the borders finally opened up again and Bria was able to take another "once in a lifetime" trip to Scotland. (Seriously, can someone take me to Scotland please? A girl can dream...)

On her second visit to Scotland, Bria and Julios spent a month together- often filling their Saturday afternoons with trips to Mcdonalds and venturing out to gaze at the North Sea while enjoying each others company. Towards the end of her visit, Julios surprised her with the most romantic proposal in the middle of a forrest, surrounded by a heart made of daisies and warm candles. Shortly after, she returned home to Ohio and they began planning their elopement in Toronto. Due to the timing and logistics of their elopement, they were unable to have any pictures done. To celebrate their one year anniversary, Bria reached out to me to help capture some memories fitting to this amazing love story! I only hope I could do it justice. Without further ado...Bria and Julios, you two can take it from here:

Did I mention that during the session the only photo Julios specifically asked for was one of him putting a daisy in Bria's hair?

He said he always wanted a picture of him doing that. How cute is that?

Fun Fact: I fell flat on my bum trying to get low enough for the perfect angle on these shots. Worth it? Totally!

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