An Elopement at Squires Castle

It's finally time to take a peak into the intimate elopement shared by Kevin and Lisa at Squires Castle in Willoughby Hills, Ohio! After spending five years together, Kevin forgot to even ask Lisa if she would marry him when he nervously placed the ring in her lap while they sat together on their living room couch. Of course Lisa knew what was in Kevin's heart, and she excitedly said yes. Unfortunately, due to the start of the pandemic they had to put their wedding dreams on hold. Beyond that they also had friends and family move away over the course of the pandemic, and wanted to wait to plan their big day for a time when all of their loved ones would be able to make it. After almost 8 years together they finally decided they weren't going to let anything else stand in the way of their commitment to each other, and put together the intimate elopement of their dreams. It was an absolute dream to be involved in this long awaited day, and I cant wait to show you the beautiful moments we were able to capture!

Kevin and Lisa held a Hand Fasting Ceremony, an ancient Celtic tradition where the couples hands are tied together with cord to symbolize the binding of two lives into one.

Following the ceremony, they celebrated and exchanged hugs and laughter with their friends and family who were able to make the trip out to enjoy their special day. Once family portraits were done, it was time for the couples portraits!

Fun fact: Lisa has an amazing husband who re-bought her the exact ring he proposed with after she accidentally lost it before the wedding!

After portraits, the newlyweds headed home to change and head out to their favorite bar with their closest friends, and begin their new life as Mr. & Mrs.

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